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Get In Here: Noun TMA2 Of First Semester 2018 Is Out

The National open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has released it's much anticipated second batch of Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) for it's students which everyone eligible can start attending to right away before it gets late. We here at Noun Spy learned that a lot of students were complaining towards the end of the just concluded TMA 1 that some student's questions were changed by the University, though we couldn't verify this piece of information, we urge all students to start at once to tackle their TMAs to avoid a repeat of such stories in this second batch of TMA
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The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has started off a little controversy after closing it's first batch of Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) earlier than was slated and signed by the University's Vice Chancellor. The TMA1 was scheduled to end on 26th of June by 12:00 midnight but that time wasn't kept to by the University authority which went against their words to close the exercise earlier than the actual time on the school timetable which was signed by the Vice Chancellor. The exercise was closed in the early hours of 25th of June and the TMA2 was uploaded immediately.
This has caused a lot of outcry among some eleventh hour student; people who wait till the dying minute to attend to their Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA). A lot of them are complaining about how the University is not reliable and not to be trusted.

Truth be told the eleventh hour students have a point here, the University didn't keep to it's words? Yes! But it's really unfair to put the whole blame on the University.  Why? I will tell you.
From 5th June, 2018   to  26th June, 2018 is 21 days, that's a whole 3 weeks.
For a full 3 weeks you couldn't attend to your TMA and you want us to believe that what you couldn't do in 3 weeks you will do it in a couple of hours? No I don't believe that.
We have learned that some people didn't submit their first batch of the Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA)1 for one reason or the other and we feel for you. We are so sorry about that.
But if your reason is that it was closed earlier than it was supposed to then we re sorry to say that you don't have a valid point here. What happened to the old adage of "Make hay while the sun shine"?
Please take your education serious and attend to your TMA on time, you can still correct that error now that batch 2 is out, try as much as possible to attend to your TMAs in the first week of it's release.

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  1. can u pls post the solutions to tma2 phy101

    1. Okay. We will post that right away. And keep visiting for more free solutions


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