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EHS315 TMA 1: NOUN TMA Questions And Answers (First Semester) 2018

TMA answers
Just as usual we have brought solution to another course a reader requested for yesterday. Our staffs at noun spy are dedicated to you success so just lean back and enjoy this article. To stay ahead of the pack always visit this blog. Today we have the solution to EHS315, enjoy.

Except you are a newcomer you would know that the correct answers are highlighted in yellow
 EHS315 Question and Ansers

Q1. The number of people who live in a specified geographical area at a defined time is called
a.       Population Density
b.      Population mass
c.       Population growth
d.      Population size

Q2. Limiting the study of population growth to the measurement of population processes is referred to
a.       Social demography
b.      Economic demography
c.       Formal demography
d.      Informal demography

Q3. Demography emerged from statistics as a separate field of interest between
a.       1875-1880
b.      1865-1880
c.       1775-1780
d.      1765-1780

Q4. According to UN definition of demography which of the following is not a factor mentioned with respect to population study
a.       Size
b.      Development
c.       Structure
d.      Lineage

Q5. Demography is sometimes referred to as
a.       Human ecology
b.      Human sociology
c.       Population growth
d.      Human study

Q6. Which of the following will likely give a stable population
a.       High birth rate & low birth rate
b.      Low birth rate & High death rate
c.       Low birth rate and low death rate

Q7. The first textbook on life contingencies was published in
a.       1971
b.      1871
c.       1771
d.      1671

Q8. The study of population based on relationship between various factors is termed
a.       Social demography
b.      Economic demography
c.       Formal demography
d.      Informal demography

Q9. Demography is a branch of
a.       Philosophy
b.      Psychology
c.       Sociology
d.      Physiology

Q10. Changes in characteristics of human population are governed by the following except
a.       Migration
b.      Mortality
c.       Migration
d.      Registration

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